el Jimador Anejo Tequila


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el Jimador Anejo Tequila

El Jimador has been around forever and is from one of the big distilleries.  The fact that the line wasn't 100% agave for a long time kept me from trying it. When they switched to all agave, I thought I should give it a shot.  And other people feel the same since it has won the Best in Category (Anejo) at the Spirits of Mexico Competition two consecutive years.

De Agave Tequila El Jimador Edicion Limitada Anejo, the number one selling Tequila in Mexico. A champion tequila aged for 12 months in new oak barrels with a thick body and an aroma of cooked agave, notes of wood and a delightful cinnamon and butter hine. An extraordinary sipping tequila.