El Dorado Cask 5 Year Rum 750m


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El Dorado Cask 5 Year Rum

El Dorado Cask Aged 5 Year Rum

The El Dorado Cask 5 Year Rum has its unique blend and flavors when served it in desired ways. Distilled in both column and wooden stills the rum is then matured in bourbon oak cask for 5 Years to reach its desired taste and body.

  • As a mixer, it comes clean and on top every time when mixed simply on the rocks with a coke. As with its iced version, the mixed version presents itself as a floral spiced scent with a defined sweetness.
  • On ice, it has an amber color and a medium body with a hint of harshness with the floral spiced scents and only a slight sweetness. It is well balanced on the palate.
  • Neat, The mellow rum with ripe fruit, sweet spices like cacao and tonka blend out giving way to the spicy and slightly edged oaky and tobacco finish.

The El Dorado Cask 5 Year Rum is best recommended as sipped rum on ice.