edge Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml


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edge Cabernet Sauvignon

edge Cabernet Sauvignon

For a medium-bodied red wine with bold flavors, you can do no better than this Edge Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine combines the flavors of black cherries, rich and smooth chocolate, and sweet spices. Pair the Edge Cabernet Sauvignon with a slow-cooked roast and rosemary potatoes or another savory red meat dish.

After de-stemming and crushing the Cabernet Sauvignon is fermented in four and eight ton temperature controlled stainless steel tanks, a blend of cultured and native yeast are allowed to do the fermentation. The cap, (skins and pulp that rise to the surface during fermentation) is hand punched down or pumped over three times each day. The red wines go through extended maceration periods, usually 25 to 35 days, to allow for a more natural balance of fruit and tannins. The juice of the grapes is then pressed off the skins and settled in stainless steel tanks for two days. The wine is then inoculated for malolactic fermentation and racked into French oak barrels. The barrels are (medium-plus toast) from Seguin Moreau, Taransaud, Demptos and Radoux. The Cabernet Sauvignon remains in the barrels an average of 16 months and is blended with Merlot and Cabernet franc