EarthQuake Petite Sirah 750ml


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EarthQuake Petite Sirah 750ml

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Earthquake Petite Sirah

Oh Boy! Anticipated eagerly, annual limited release Earthquake Petite Sirah is made with grapes that have been harvested from the aged vines of Old Lodi's Vineyards planted over a century ago,

As intense an experience as the ground-shaking quake, Earthquake Petite Sirah is powerful, its voluminous bold tannins will have your taste buds trembling with excitement from the moment its cork is pulled.

Leave this to breathe. The aroma of sweet violet will call you back, alluring you into pouring that first wicked and wildly sensuous glass. Dark, deep purple-red, it is gorgeously smooth, full-bodied and utterly curvaceous. Chocolaty and rich, it is bountiful with summer hedgerow fruitiness. Earthquake Petite Sirah is a wine that seems to head directly for the bloodstream, tumultuous and throbbing as it thunders in your veins creating aftershock after glorious aftershock.