Eagle Rare 10 Year 1.75 Liter Bourbon


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Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 1.75 Liter

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Eagle Rare 10yr 1.75 Liter- The finest Kentucky Bourbon

Why Our Eagle Rare 10yr 1.75 Liter?


Eagle Rare 10 Year Old 1.75 Liter-Quality Liquor StoreFasten your seat-belts! For the finest Kentucky Bourbon, try Eagle Rare Bourbon Whiskey. Aged for no less than 10 years, this rare blend is exceptional and for discriminating palettes. Each barrel has been selected for its complex and robust aroma, as well as the distinct lingering, smooth taste.

Boasting its own distinct flavor

With each barrel boasting its own distinct flavor, it makes for a delightful tasting experience with its bold oak, almond and cocoa tastes. The aroma is a complex mix of orange, oak, leather and honey, while the finish is dry as it lingers slightly. This is how bourbon should taste! Get Your Bottle NOW