Drake's Aroma Coma IPA 22oz


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Drake's Aroma Coma IPA

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Drake's Aroma Coma IPA

The nose of this beer is pretty fantastic. At first smell, you would assume its at least a DIPA because of that strong aromatic presence. The freshness of the hops in Aroma Coma are undeniable. Cascade, Chinook, CTZ, and Citra hops deliver a huge citrus and pine bite. The double dry-hopping makes the whole body of this beer really pop. Floral notes add a very nice element to the aroma as well. The 2-row barley malt gives this beer a great backbone and you can taste that Caramalt on the back-end. I’m still very shocked that Aroma Coma is a single IPA because it has such a bold flavor.

If you are on the East Coast, hopefully there is a way you can obtain this beer. This is a perfect example of why California is so hop forward when it comes to brewing great beers. After enjoying this beer so much, I’m ready to try it’s New Zealand counterpart, Aroma Prieta.

ABV: 6.75%

Beeradvocate = 95
ratebeer = 98