Dos Maderas Cask & Barrel 5+3Y


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Dos Maderas Rum 5+3 Years Old Cask & Barrel

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Dos Maderas Rum 5+3 Years Old Cask & Barrel

Dos Maderas is a unique rum in the world. As its name implies, its added value resides in its peculiar ageing process, a first period in its place of origin, Guyana and Barbados, to then be fine-tuned in our cellars by means of ageing in Sherry casks that have previously been ageing 'Dos Cortados', our internationally acclaimed 20 years old Sherry. This two-phase process provides 'Dos Maderas 5+3' its unique bouquet and aromas, characteristics not found in any other similar product currently available in the international market.

Named to the Spirit Journal's '140 Best Five Star Spirits in the World for 2012 (#89)'