Dogfish Head Squal IPA 750ml


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Dogfish Head Squal IPA 750ml

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Dogfish Head Squal IPA 750ml An unfiltered, 100% bottle-conditioned, super-pungent imperial I.P.A. clocking in at 9% ABV and dry-hopped with Palisade, Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade, CTZ, and Willamette hops. As many of you know, Dogfish Head is named after a 'head' of land off of Boothbay Harbor, Maine where company founder Sam Calagione grew up. A few years ago we discovered and fell in love with a Portland, Maine company called Rogues Gallery that makes beautiful, unique clothing. Their rustic, quality-centric creative approach mirrors our off-centered obsession with inspired brewing. As Time Magazine put it Rogues Gallery is all about "Masculine-style with a nostalgic eastern seaboard feel". Alex Carleton and the crew at Rogue's Gallery were down with getting their chocolate in Dogfish Head's peanut butter. We agreed to do a beer in keeping with their brand and a line of co-branded clothing in keeping with ours. The theme of the clothing line is superlative stuff to wear while drinking beer at a sunset beach bonfire and the clothes will be available by mid-summer 2009. The beer first came out in June of 2009 in a handful of eastern seaboard states, a second 2009 release started shipping to wholesalers in November 2009. A more wide-spread release of Squall IPA is planned for 2010.