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Dogfish Head 20 Higher Math Golden Ale

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Dogfish Head Higher Math

Available in Limited Areas, The Dogfish Head Higher Math is packing a cool 17% alcohol by volume. This may be the one that knocks ole roy off his rocker, and it will certainly be by surprise.

The boldly brewed beer packs the alcohol flavor but cleverly backs it up with the unique and enticing blend of sour cherry juice. It is an American Strong Ale (w/ Cherries, Cocoa Nibs) that go down easy and have you reaching for another but beware; you best be staying where you are playing.

This 20th-anniversary edition is a golden ale fermented with cherries and aged on cocoa nibs, and it goes all out for its party. This is a beer for the lover of interesting unique and one of a kind flavors. Intriguing! Dogfish Head Higher Math 20 years, and the game continues - It is limited to only some states.