Diplomatico 2000 Vintage 750ml


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Diplomatic Single Vintage 2000 Rum

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Diplomatic Single Vintage 2000 Rum

The Diplomatic Single Vintage 2000 Rum is a smooth tweet that was distilled in 2000 and aged for twelve years to ensure an intense and spicy taste. The mixture of light and heavy rums offers a great deal of flavor to the resulting molasses brew. One sip offers an oaky flavor mix of chocolate, dried fruit, and toasty vanilla. The warm tantalizing rum is crafted from arguably one of the sweetest and top sugar cane harvests in the history of Venezuela. Diplomatic took advantage of this harvest and distilled a large batch of rum in a batch kettle and copper pot stills. They let it age for 12 years single malt whisky casks and then allowed it to finish in a fine sherry wood. The result is a fine whisky that dances across the taste buds.