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Dewar's Signature

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Dewar's Signature

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Blended Scotch Whisky Rare indeed are the whiskies selected for DEWAR'S 18 Year Old Founder's Reserve - and even more unusual the painstaking care of our Master Blender in managing the time-honoured 'marrying' process that lends such refinement to this exceptional blend. Only the very best 18 year old malt and grain Scotch Whiskies are chosen to create DEWAR'S 18 Year Old Founder's Reserve, a sweet and mellow whisky with notes of butterscotch and almonds. The Marrying Process The DEWAR'S marrying process takes fine Scotch whiskies at their peak of perfection and improves upon them. Having created a blend of the finest Scotch whiskies from the different regions of Scotland, our Master Blender then allows them to rest for a further period in exclusively reserved vintage oak casks, ensuring that their individual flavours and aromas harmonise to achieve the perfectly balanced and exceptionally smooth Scotch that is DEWAR'S 18. Marrying these superb whiskies adds a smoothness that science cannot explain, but which your taste will at once discern. Limited Edition Each and every bottle is numbered and stands as a mark of exclusivity, with our guarantee of quality. Colour: Golden amber Nose: A sweet and mellow aroma of butterscotch, gives way to subtle hints of almonds and marzipan with a delicate impression of vanilla for a well-balanced nose Palate: Surprisingly, initially dry, giving way to a mellow soft sweetness with a lingering creamy mouth feel Body: Full bodied