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Deschutes Jubel 2015

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Deschutes Jubel 2015

Originally planned to be released jubilantly in 2020 as a once a decade jubilee release, Deschutes have found that they just couldn’t wait.

They’ve just released Deschutes Jubel 2015 which has also been referred to as Super Jubel. It is a very limited edition, so you’ll want to get your share now.

Deschutes Super Jubel 2015 is super strong ale, brewed with a wondrous selection of malt and hops varietals before being barrel aged for 12 months. Half poured into casks that once held PinotNoir and the other into casks made from new Oregon Oak.

The taste is complex and refined, yet almighty and power-packed assaulting the mouth from the start.The sweetness of the malts comes forward, woven intricately with dried fruits; mouthwatering raisins, dates and figs, prunes, berries and grapes dance upon the tongue.

Then it becomes earthy and woody with oak, tangy with cherry tartness and rich with its assertive vinous red wine influence. Super Jubel goes on becoming warm and chewy, with layers and layers of coffee, toffee and cocoa.

Finally bask in the warm afterglow, the divine finish is rich with berries and deep oaken spices.