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Deschutes The Abyss Imperial Stout 2014

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Deschutes The Abyss 2014

Deschutes Abyss is an American Double/Imperial Stout made with the finest malts and four different types of hops. The brew is enriched with blackstrap molasses, brewers licorice, vanilla beans and cherry bark. Blended before bottling, a little over ¼ of its volume has been barrel aged for 6 months in Bourbon, Oregon Oak and Pinot Noir casks

Pouring black as the night, he is a deeply passionate, silky and full bodied gent. Take a slug and, as you slip under his rich foamy head you will begin to travel down into the eternal Abyss where you'll want to dwell a while to savor of his multitudinous depths.

Rich in aroma and delivering powerful flavor, there is richly roasted espresso coffee, laced and sweetened with vanilla, aniseed and caramelized sugars.

Perfect drunk soon after purchase, Abyss offers a totally different pleasure after sitting a year or more in your own beer cellar - if you can leave it alone for that long!