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Delium Red

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Delium Red

In 1906 Léon Huyghe purchased a brew house with a history that dates back to 1654. Though the ravages of war tore much of the original equipment away, and the name and premises in Melle, Belgium have have changed a little over the years the ambition to brew fine beer was unbeaten. 1945 saw the launch of their first fine lager; Golden Kenia, which went on to win many awards and marked the turning point, the start in a long line of successful developments for the company.

Delirium Tremens with its unique taste derived from using three different varieties of yeast and its trademark pink elephant label was born on Boxing Day 1988 going on, in 1997 to be nominated the best beer in the world.

Delium Red is one of a range of four Delerium beers pouring a dark evocative cardinal crimson-red topped with a lacy rosey pink head. It gives off a scent sweet and lush abundantly fruit-filled, slightly sour cherries accompanied by notes of almond. It's flavor too yields the sweetness of fruit. There is a delightful and playful balance between sweet and the sour of cherries and a finish that is dry, making this a sensational beer to drink alongside a fruit crumble or cheery pie at dessert. Though, its also epic with no food at all.