Cutler's Stagecoach 750ml


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Cutler’s Artisan Spirits Stagecoach American Whiskey

Cutler’s Artisan Spirits Stagecoach True American Whiskey

Stagecoach Cutler's, soft, mellow and clearly an American made and perfected Whiskey surprises sippers with its best enjoyed on the rocks. Aged 8 years, the taste and flavor offer a mellow and yet powerful kick to the palate.

A blend of both rye and corn whiskeys, eight years aged, and then blended by hand, it makes for a whiskey to suggest to people afraid of the hard stuff — it’s 80 proof, so expect slaps and tickles, but no punches. Or perhaps it’s a sessionable whiskey, if there can be such a thing? (For those drinking at home only.) Features a fetching, old-timey label, too.

Coming in at 80 proof, the beauty lies in its attraction to all lovers of a nice front porch addition. The overall design and packaging is appealing to the adventurous mind. Take a moment and pair the Cutler’s Artisan Spirits Stagecoach Whiskey with a slightly spiced dessert such as a pumpkin pie and you have a peaceful and flavorful ending to a great evening.