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Cuervo J Black Mdln 1 Liter

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Jose Cuervo Medallion Oak Barrel Signature Blend A lot of things have been made great when mixed with other equally great things: cherries and coke, mini-skirts and women, ribs and bar-b-cue sauce, football games and big screen TVs, dollars and strippers. Well, now we have something new to add, either on purpose or by accident, the extraordinary taste of what seems to be tequila and bourbon brought to the world by Jose Cuervo Black is a more than welcome addition. I love innovation! The crew of Jose Cuervo gladly brings us a new signature blend Tequila. It's aged for over a year in charred oak barrels for a smoother, more mature taste that you are sure to love. Cuervo Black is dark, rich, and perfect for sipping on the rocks or mixing with cola and a slice of lime. This complex and flavorful, añejo tequila is sure to help in the on-going battle against the evils of the your liver. Go team!