Cruzan Mango Rum 750ml


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Cruzan Mango Rum

Cruzan Mango Rum

One of the underlying precepts of the current cocktail culture is the more delicious the liquor, the more sensational the drink. It's a proposition as irrefutable as gravity. This bodes well for Caribbean rum giant Cruzan who has developed a line of flavor-laden spirits, lead be the altogether luscious Cruzan Mango Rum.

Made in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, this latest flavor sensation is produced from a blend of column-distilled rums matured in charred American oak barrels between 2- to 3-years. After aging, the rum is rigorously filtered through activated charcoal to remove impurities and any color. It is then infused with all-natural mango flavorings before being bottled at 54-proof.

Cruzan Mango Rum is first class passage to paradise at steerage prices. It has a lightweight body and a generous, succulent bouquet. Its focused palate is all mango with a touch of natural fruit sweetness on the lingering finish. Everything about this flavored gem screams of a good time in the making.

Cruzan Citrus Rum is a pleasantly dry and tangy light rum infused with a blend of lemons and oranges. The rum has a satiny, feather-weight body and a bouquet perfectly balanced between the aromas of sliced oranges and lemon zest. Its lively citrus palate quickly fills the mouth before ebbing away in a warm and flavorful finish.

The mega-popular Cruzan range offers a lot of rum for the buck. The line also includes Cruzan Orange Rum, an exuberant spirit endowed with a broad, nuanced palate, mouth-watering Cruzan Guava Rum and award-winning Cruzan Raspberry Rum.