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The Crusher Pinot Noir

OurGrower’s Selection Pinot Noir has a warm and inviting bouquet, aromas of wild cherry, raspberry and toasted cedar lift out of the glass. It’s an elegant wine with silky texture and crisp acidity typical of grapes grown in cool-climate regions. Delicious flavors of boysenberry, tart cranberry and pomegranate seed marry with a faint hint of caraway in the background creating layered complexity.

Pinot Noir is probably the most versatile wine to pair with food. It is one of the lightest bodied red varietals yet, with ample fruit, spice, and earthiness, it easily breaks the rule that white wines must go with seafood, and red wines must go with red meats. Try pairing this wine with a savory dish like mushroom risotto or something on the lighter side like grilled trout with green beans and farro.


The Clarksburg AVA is an up and coming wine region located in California’s Sacramento Delta. The area was quickly discovered by grape growers attracted by a microclimate which closely mirrored that of nearby Napa Valley. The soils here are a combination of poorly-draining clay and rich loam, meaning the vines experience nutrient-rich and sometimes arid conditions. During the growing season, warm days give way to cooling afternoon breezes from the San Francisco Bay, dropping temperatures down 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit from their daytime highs. This mass of cool air allows wine grapes to retain more acidity than those grown in similarly warm regions.


In contrast to the tough vintages of the last two years, the stars seemed to align for Clarksburg in 2012. Clarksburg winemakers enjoyed a long sunny growing season that produced generous amounts of beautiful fruit. Indeed, the biggest challenge of 2012 turned out to be staging the picking and processing, as all the varietals were ready to pick at the same time—a very unusual occurrence. Clarksburg yields were up and quality was exceptional. All the varietals enjoyed extended hang time, developing great color, concentrated flavors, and finely balanced structure and acidity. 2012 should prove to be an exciting year for wines from The Crusher.


For more than 115 years, the Sebastiani name has been synonymous with quality winemaking in Sonoma County. Likewise, the Wilson family has been growing grapes in the Clarksburg region south of Sacramento since 1922. Created in tribute to the multi-generational partnership these two well-regarded wine families have enjoyed, The Crusher is fittingly named for the point where the fruit of one family’s labors literally gives way to those of the other.