Crown Royal Rye Whisky


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Crown Royal Rye Whisky

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Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye

Extending their premium range of top notch whiskys the Crown Royal portfolio welcomes in Crown Royal 'Northern Harvest' Rye. Made with the exact same rye used in creating Crown Royal Deluxe you are assured that this is a descent that springs from a very fine lineage.

Bottled at 90 proof, the grain was planted during the fall. It sprouts above ground just as the first blanket of snow falls to cover it. Nestled there it waits for the spring sunshine which melts the snow then completes its growth and comes to full maturity.

Nostalgia driven, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye will take you back to the prohibition era, and is sensational when used in your classic rye cocktails such as the Manhattan, the Buck or the plain Old Fashioned.

However this is not just for cocktails. This whiskey is wonderful enjoyed neat, where its extraordinary flavor and smoothness can be expereinced at its fullest. The welcoming aroma of apple pie in the oven, grain light wood spices assails your nostrils as you swirl this around your glass, with maybe an ice cube or splash of water. As you take a sip, that apple pie smell becomes coated and covered in a custard-sweet rich creaminess, vanilla laced with dark oak spice. Roll around the mouth a while before swallowing, then allow it to coat your throat in its silken smooth liquid texture. The finish remains smooth, delicious and lusciously creamy.

For the first time, the World Whisky of the Year is from Canada: Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye.

"2016 World Whisky of the Year. 97.5 Points out of 100 Points.
To say this is a masterpiece is barely doing it justice."
— Jim Murray's The Whisky Bible