Crown Royal Noble Collection Wine Barrel Finished


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Crown Royal Noble Collection Wine Barrel Finished

A lot of good foods can be paired with this whiskey to cook and serve with it. If a cheese is being served with whiskeys that are smoky or spicy Scotch whiskeys, the cheese should be a strong cheese like Roquefort. A sweet scotch ought to be served with a soft cheese like Brie. If you want a variety of cheeses, a cheese plate with sharp cheddar, swiss, Havarti, and gouda can be made at home or purchased at a store. If chocolate is what you want to serve with this whiskey, dark chocolate will go best with it. There are also some fruits that can be served with this whiskey.

If a fruit is what is needed to serve with this whiskey, tart and tangy fruits like apples and pears will go well with this whiskey. Avoid fruits like oranges that have a lot of citrus in them due to the fact that they will mask the taste of the whiskey. pub mix, the combination of Worcestershire rye chips, honey roasted sesame chips, pretzel sticks, oriental rice crackers, and mustard-seasoned pretzel twists. If the pub mix is not available, then Chex mix or salted peanuts are suitable alternatives. When a meat is needed, smoked meat, smoked fish, or pork spareribs are great options to serve with this whiskey. The Crown Royal whiskey is full of flavor and these great snacks and entrees will bring these flavors out and that is why they should be cooked and served with them.


Heavy fruit and butterscotch: black currant, cove, with dried blueberry.

Caramel and butterscotch with red grapes and fermented grape leaves.

Wood tannins: spice with anise and clove.