Crown Royal Extra Rare 18 Year Whisky


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Crown Royal Extra Rare 18 Year Whisky

Crown Royal Aged 18 Years is a rare blend of three of our most exceptional whiskies, handcrafted by our master blender. We take Barrel Select Canadian whisky and age it in small batches to create a beautifully rich, complex whisky - perfect for sipping and savoring. It's an excellent choice when you want to send a special gift, host a distinctive tasting or indulge in an extraordinary experience.

Aging takes place in small batches over nearly two decades, until each bottle reveals Crown Royal’s unique and finer qualities. This exceptional whisky is reserved only for our most dedicated fans. Welcome to the Crown Royal family.

Vanilla and stone fruit.

Velvety, light oak tempered by caramel spice.

Lingering nougat, full-bodied.