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Crabbie’s Orange Ginger Beer

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Crabbie’s Orange Ginger Beer

4 - Pack

The story of Crabbies Ginger Beer started in Scotland when, back in the early 19th century, John Crabbie inherited his father’s Edinburgh based grocery business. John had an explorative nature and had likely spent a lot of his youth seeing the big ships unloading their bounty at the nearby port of Leith.

Capitalising on the fact that all manner of exotic spices were coming in and were so readily available John was keen to experiment with these unfamiliar and alluring spices, adding them to his Green Ginger Wine.

This adventurous spirit has certainly left a legacy. Over 200 years later, people are still enjoying Crabbies Original!

Crabbie’s Orange Ginger, is just as deeply delicious and is made in exactly the same way. Carefully crafted using a recipe in which the ginger is cold steeped for up to six weeks before being combined with four other secret ingredients, Crabbie’s Orange Ginger has a lighter ginger character than the original. But, where the ginger has been slightly reduced, natural orange has been added. This has given it a new, lustrous zesty brightness you'll enjoy.

Go on! Crack open a bottle today.