Courtage Brut Blanc 187ml


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Le Grand Courtâge Blanc Brut 187ml

Le Grand Courtâge Blanc Brut 187ml

The Courtage Brut Blanc 187ml wine is appealing to the eye and delicious to the tongue. The wine is made in France. It is sparkly and whitish-yellow in color. It has a faint scent of pears and apples. It has a taste of apple, honeysuckle, toasted brioche, strawberry, and lemon. It also has a fine crispness, smoothness and a creamy texture. The taste will linger in your mouth long after you have swallowed the wine and give you a refreshing feeling. It can be paired with a variety of cocktail and cuisine such as spicy Indian foods, buttered popcorn, seafood, creamy pasta, fruity desserts, and fried chicken.