Coronado Bobble Head IPA 22oz


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Coronado Bobble Head IPA 22oz

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Coronado Bobble Head IPA

Coloring: Deep Ruby Red

Pours a thick white sticky head

In a mixing bowl - there is spicy, citrus, sweet, pine, resin, grass and yes we are still talking about a beer and a fine one at that.

Strong Hops and Citrus scents blend with the Sweet malts to make the most tantalizing Aromas fill the air as soon as the top is cracked. The first second of strong hops causes a quick sensation in one’s heart, hoping against all that this doesn’t turn out to be a bad decision but wait for that second to pass.

Beyond that, you will experience an enjoyable medium hop flavor and robust malt. It’s a fantastic IPA with a medium body, smooth texture and excellent balance.