Cazcanes No.9 Blanco Tequila


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Cazcanes No.9 Blanco Tequila

Cazcanes No.9 Blanco Tequila

The Cazcanes No.9 Blanco 100 Proof is the first example of tequila’s unique production process by our Master Distiller, Collin Edwards. The No.9 Blanco has received multiple awards in the U.S, including 2018 Best Blanco Tequila and Best Unaged Whisky from San Francisco World Spirit Competition. Try this Blanco tequila for yourself, you will not be glad you did.

Drink Cazcanes Tequila No.9 Blanco on the rocks, neat, or in a cocktail. More sophisticated palates will appreciate the complexity of the higher proof distillate that comes from this tequila’s unique production process.


Color: Clear
Nose: Floral notes with hints of sweet Agave, & Candy Corn.
Taste: Clean & earthly taste with notes of sweet Agave, Black Pepper & Anise.
Finish: Extremely smooth with long sweet floral & Black Peppercorn Finish.