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Ardbeg Ardcore Scotch Whisky

Something weird has been going down at the Distillery and Ardbeg Heavy Vapours Committee Release Scotch is the consequence. This non-chill filtered whisky is bottled at 50.2% ABV and is unlike anything you've ever tasted. The legendary purifier on the still – responsible for Ardbeg’s exalted balance – is nowhere to be seen, resulting in the untamed darker flavors and notes rising to the surface.

Heavy Vapours will rise, and you'll be left with an ominous dram of dramatic, aromatic pungency that will leave your senses tingling. The familiar harmony between peat and floral fruitiness has been disrupted, replaced with an untamed and darker flavor profile. If you're a fan of peaty and fruity flavors, this unique release from Ardbeg will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

So why not take a chance and try Ardbeg Heavy Vapours Committee Release Scotch? With its non-chill filtered process and high ABV, you'll be able to taste every nuance and note that this whisky has to offer. Get ready to experience something new and exciting with Ardbeg Heavy Vapours Committee Release Scotch – the dark and ominous dram that will keep you coming back for more.


The palate is met with an intense and rich smokiness, layered with flavors of dark fruits, oak, and a subtle sweetness. The absence of the purifier on the still has resulted in a more pronounced and darker flavor profile, making this whisky stand out from other Ardbeg releases.