Compass Box Orchard House


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Compass Box Orchard House Scotch Whisky

Compass Box Orchard House Scotch Whisky

Taste the future. Innovation in Scotch whisky is at a dizzying pace. Orchard House was borne from close collaborations between experts from Compass Box Whisky and Vignerons du Poulin in France. It is a blend of mature grain whiskies finished in French wine barriques. The result is an exceptional whisky with a vinous richness and delicate texture.

The Orchard House is a quirky and fun Scotch whisky. Aged in American oak and then brought to new life with a younger whisky. A new whiskey that's been spirited, then mischievous orchard fruit, drinking apples that come from Aberdeenshire, has been put into the cask to add freshness and flavor. 832889008828