Compass Box Great King 750ml


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Compass Box Great King Artist's Blend

Compass Box Great King Artist's Blend

Choosing the name Great King Street, carried huge significance and responsibility, Compass Box have not shied away, meeting the challenge they set for themselves head on. Utilizing centuries old skills and techniques, they also wanted to introduce a fresh style and approach, to create a compelling alternative to single malts, as appealing to whiskey connoisseurs as to those who are, as yet, less experienced.

Company founder John Glaser believes skilled blending improves whisky. Each carefully selected whisky is showcased, it's distinctly individual characteristics allowed to shine. While combined, they complement and encourage each other perfectly.

In Great King Street delicate and fragrant Lowland Grain whiskey is blended with Speyside Lowland and two Northern Highland Single Malts plunging you into complex, flavorful depths. Rich, voluptuous and fruity, hints of toasted oak and almonds are complimented by vanilla and spice. Bottled at a natural color, without chill-filtering this leaves intact more of the whiskey flavor oils and retains a velvety soft mouthfeel. Delightfully approachable. incredibly versatile. Drink on its own, with ice, soda water, or create stunning cocktails.

To overlook Great King Street would be to miss out. Enjoy without compromise.