Coldcock Herbal Whiskey 750ml


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Coldcock American Flavored Herbal Whiskey

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coldcock-herbal-whiskey-750ml-by-quality-liquor-store.pngColdcock Herbal Whiskey

Looking for the top selling whiskey, your search is over with our Coldcock Herbal Whiskey 750ml. Rest assured, Quality Liquor Store, offer the best, COLDCOCK American Herbal Whiskey. Specifically, this is a blend of aged whiskey, herbs and spices from around the world. More Amazing Whiskey's 

Take the burn out of drinking whiskey

Unlike comparable flavored brands on the market, COLDCOCK includes ingredients that take the burn out of drinking whiskey and won’t give you a sugar hangover the morning after. COLDCOCK is nearly half the sugar of competing shot brands and 70 proof. Not what your needing? Click HERE!