Clement Rhum VSOP 750ml


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Clément V.S.O.P. Rhum

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Clément V.S.O.P. Rhum

Appealing, eye-catching and strikingly unique in design the Clement Rhum VSOP takes on a world all of its own in the aroma, taste and finish for a Rum.

Nose: The aroma is heavy on the vanilla and welcoming to those who prefer the creamy scent and notes.

Taste: Tempting and Teasing on the palate, the vanilla plays out into buttery notes and dances among the flavors of caramel, with hints of a pepper spice, and a slight sugar tone.

Finish: It holds a long finish that seemingly gets better and better.

Overall, this rum is not your everyday rum; it is made from the sugar cane juices rather than molasses as most other rums are typically used.

The rum can be enjoyed on the rocks but is best enjoyed in mixed drinks. One who is experienced with the sugar cane produced rums will certainly enjoy it straight.


International Review of Spirits Award: Gold Medal

BTI RATING: 90 points (Exceptional)

"Gentle and oaky, with deep vegetal quality and long, woody finish, this aged sugarcane-based Rhum Agricole bears more resemblance to Cognac or a single-malt than to aged molasses-based rums." - San Francisco Chronical

"Classic rum with great legs distilled from top quality can juice" - GQ Magazine

"Elegant sophisticated style, svelte and utterly yummy. Best of the Year!" - Wine Enthusiast Magazine

"A subtle and light Scotch-like smokiness" - Wall Street Journal