Clarendelle Bordeaux 750ml


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Clarendelle Rouge Bordeaux

Clarendelle Rouge Bordeaux

Clarendelle Rouge skillfully blends the Bordeaux grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc to create a full bodied wine subtle of character, elegant and graceful.

Each years harvest brings to the wine something a little different, and the 2009 vintage was an exceptional year! The spring was blessed with early rain, boosting and encouraging growth. This was followed by a long, dry summer and optimum conditions; warmth by day and cool by night, ripening the grape perfectly, encouraging them to their full potential so that when picked their heady aromas and luscious juiciness is abundant, the promise of an exceptional wine.

Clarendelle Rouge is intense yet sumptuously soft, extraordinarily well-balanced. As it pours a deep, intense and inky crimson red, the aroma abundant with tannins and the ripe freshness of summer hedgerow fruit.

Feeling rich and silky, it is full bodied with the flavors of cherry, blackberry and blueberry with subtle undertones of chocolate.