Ciroc Amaretto Vodka 750ml


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Ciroc Amaretto Vodka

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Ciroc Amaretto Vodka

Ciroc Amaretto delivers "delicious sophistication" and is highlymixable with readily available mixers such as Cola, Cognac, Ginger Ale, and fruit juices.

The holidays, and associated holiday parties are just around the corner so when we got a chance to sample the new Ciroc Amaretto infused vodka, the rich amaretto flavor made us immediately think of a warm fire and the beginnings of a sophisticated holiday cocktail.

Admittedly purists, flavored alcohols are not typically something we reach for.  On its own, Ciroc Amaretto Vodka is a little overwhelming for us but it mellows out nicely mixing well with colas and lemon-lime.  Where it really shined for us though is lending that powerful punch to this creamy cocktail that could be made for a crowd and featured in your holiday party punch bowl as a new twist to traditional eggnog.