Centenario Repo RosAngel 750ml


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Gran Centenario Reposado Rosangel Tequila

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Centenario Reposado Rosangel Tequila

When it comes to infused liquors, orange, lemon, and other fruit flavors seem to be popular additions, and vodka tends to be the "infusee." But Gran Centenario breaks new ground—and deserves kudos—by being the first to market Reposado tequila infused with hibiscus. Gran Centenario Rosangel combines two of the most important Mexican blooms: blue agave and the hibiscus flower. The new tequila has a fine pedigree, as it starts out as the enjoyable Gran Centenario Reposada Tequila. The mother of Rosangel is made by baking agave hearts, fermenting and distilling the resulting liquid, aging in French Limousin white oak barrels for a minimum of ten months, and adding older tequila for character and balance. Rosangel is then aged an additional two months in Port barrels, infused with flavors of hibiscus, and poured into an attractive Art Deco bottle that allows the pink hue to shine through. The hibiscus sweetness cuts the potent punch of the 80 proof beverage without being cloying. We enjoyed it neat, without any citrus fruit needed for balance. In fact, people who never sip tequila may be likely to try this one, and the smoothness and the color are sure to appeal to women. Traditional recipes can be updated by using the pink drink, or people can try the Rosangel Margarita recipes below.