Cascade Figaro Sour 750ml


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Cascade Figaro Sour Ale

Cascade Figaro Sour Ale

2014 Release

The Cascade Figaro Sour Ale is a brilliant brew that effortlessly pleases the partaker. It has a seductive aroma of golden raisins, citrus and sweet figs. The aroma is an exceptional curtain raiser for the main event. As the name Cascade Figaro Sour suggests, the taste is sour and strong. It has the requisite beer taste that every beer enthusiast craves and looks for.

Its flavor is a perfect blend of sweet figs, lemon peel and grapes. The palate basks in the glorious experience that is the Cascade Figaro Sour. The drink has a subtle blond hue, but the drink itself is undeniably a classic.