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Cascade Blueberry

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Cascade Blueberry

Cascade Brewing in Portland, Oregon, are pioneering the revolution and excel in making puckering awesome tart American Wild Ales. Cascade Blueberry is no exception.

It's made from a blend of wheat and blond ales, that have been aging for six months in oak barrels. Fresh blueberries have been added and the blend aged a further four months for a sour ale that is immense, dense with blueberries and herbal notes

The nose is fruity and gives way to hints of the woody oak and dusty florals. It pours a stunning purple red hue, with a quickly receding foam.

Delicate at first, it is merely hiding its power. The blueberry sour soon kicks in - your mouth can't help but to ruckle up. The palate is earthy, jammy, and acidic, the dark fruits providing a lasting and pleasingly dry finish.