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Casamigos Reposado Tequila

Casamigos Reposado Tequila

Never with any intention of becoming the ultra premium and multi-award winning and highly acclaimed tequila brand it has now become, Casamigo Tequila was developed as the result of an enduring friendship and many nights of tequila appreciation between some famous names.

Golden Globe and Academy Award winning actor George Clooney, his Oceans 13 co-star Michael Feldman and former model come successful businessman, Rande Gerber wanted to create for themselves the most fine tequilas ones that required no salt or lime. Working with their Jalisco, Mexico Master Distiller, they set out on a journey that spanned many years and which included a great many blind tastings.Only once they were all completely in agreement that it was perfect did they begin to serve their Casamigo tequilas exclusively within their own homes where they soon found that there was a great demand for it. As the house of Casamigo Tequila was born, it became the favored tequila of many more A-list names.

Casamigo Reposado is created in very small batches and contains only 100% Blue Weber agaves grown in cool climate and red clay soil of Jalisco. The matured piñas are harvested with care to selection, then slowly roasted inside traditional brick ovens. Pressed, the juice is fermented for 80 hours using a proprietary blend of yeast, this lengthy process tailored to create this superior quality, highly cultured, smooth and elegant Reposado tequila.

For sipping, for shots or for cocktails, Casamigos Reposado is oak barrel aged for 7 months and has lush smooth caramel and vanilla aromas. Supremely silky of mouth-texture these complex sweet flavors are layered with soft tones of oak, more caramel and cocoa. At the end it goes on to provide a medium to long and totally smooth finish.

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Casamigo's website: Where to pick up a bottle of Casamigo's Tequila