Casa Noble Anejo Santa RSV 750


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Casa Noble Anejo Santana

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Casa Noble Santana Anejo - Limited Production

Presented in a purple artisan glass decanter, it takes fourteen years to produce perfect Casa Noble Santana Anejo which begins with carefully selected Blue Agave plants, the pinas harvested from the hacienda at their full maturity at twelve years. Traditionally slow cooked in stone ovens, the sweet nectar is extracted from the heart and naturally fermented, before being aged for two years, in new French White Oak casks.

Winner of Double Gold and Gold Medal awards and a favourite of Carlos Santana of rock group Santana fame, Casa Noble Anejo is golden hued and complex, with flavors of sweet agave. The sharpness of citrus is layered with meandering herbs and spices, notes of coffee bean and infused with rich chocolate and woody oak which speaks of years of dedication to the craft.