Casa Noble Anejo 2Yr 750ml


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Casa Noble Crystal Anejo 2 Year Tequila

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Casa Noble Crystal Anejo

2 Year

100% Agave Tequila merit grand cru status. They're traditional spirits, certified organic and handcrafted with the utmost care. Those in the market for an authentic slice of life that will gently seduce their senses, here's the ticket. Casa Noble tequilas need only be poured into a glass to be fully appreciated. Although true, the reasons for the tequilas' brilliance can be found in the explanation of the art and science of how it's made. Produced at La Cofradia Distillery (NOM 1137) in the town of Tequila, Casa Noble is made from mature blue agaves slow-baked in stone ovens for 38 hours, after which they are allowed to ferment spontaneously by yeast in the air from nearby flora. The indigenous yeast lends an intriguing flavor to the finished spirit. Tequila by law must be distilled twice. In order to produce a lighter styled spirit, Casa Noble tequilas are triple-distilled in alembic stills. The aged marques—reposado and añejo—are matured exclusively in French Limousin white oak casks rather than ex-bourbon barrels. Famous for it role in aging cognacs and fine wines, Limousin oak is an extremely fast-growing tree, resulting in the widest grain pattern of the species. Its loose pores allow a spirit to extract more flavorants from the wood. Casa Noble Añejo 100% Agave Tequila is a sophisticated spirit aged for 2 years in new Limousin white oak barrels. The 80-proof tequila has deep golden color, a velvety medium-weight body and a generous bouquet of spice, chocolate and toasty oak. Upon entry it quickly fills the mouth with warmth and vanilla, citrus, mocha and sweet herbal flavors. Like all noble spirits, it has a lingering, sigh-inducing finish.