Casa Noble Anejo 2Yr 375ml


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Casa Noble Anejo 2 Year Old Tequila | Quality Liquor Store

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Casa Noble Anejo 2 Year Old Tequila

Ripe agave is cooked in a stone oven, naturally fermented and then triple distilled before being laid down in new French oak barrels to age for 2 years; that is how Casa Noble creates this wonderful Tequila. Aromas of vanilla, toasted wood, butterscotch, citrus, clean earth, dark chocolate, herbs, coffee and complex spices tantalize, inviting you to taste. The full, rich mouthfeel leads with a demonstration of the complicated aroma that is evolved, deep and intricate. The finish lingers with supple re-manifestations of the flavors and fades patiently with dry nuances that call you to another sip. Try this neat with time to spare and enjoy.