Casa Dragones Barrel Blend Anejo Tequila


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Casa Dragones Barrel Blend Anejo Tequila

Casa Dragones Anejo Tequila

Our journey of taste begins with a small batch, Modern sustainable method of tequila production, meticulously handcrafting each bottle to deliver an extraordinary sipping experience. Casa Dragones Barrel Blend 100% Blue Agave Anejo Tequila, achieves its distinctive character from being matured in two different wood barrels, new French Oak and New American Oak, each selected for their individual flavor and characteristics.

Our maestro tequilero and our master cooper expertly crafted custom made barrels in which to age our tequila, finding the perfect blend of wood to complement the signature taste of Casa Dragones. The wood used for our French Oak Barrels is a proprietary blend of 100% quercus sessile oak, masterfully selected from five different forests in the center of France. Then customer toasted to impart roundness and light spicy notes, while respecting the minerality of the soil. Our new American Oak Barrels receive a custom medium toast, imparting the complexity of the agave and a beautiful aromatic intensity.

At the end of the aging process, we artfully blend both barrel styles together to create infinite richness and an agave forward taste profile that is both elegant and smooth. This is the journey of Casa Dragones Barrel Blend, an expression of woods and agave unlike any other.


Light caramel, with bright hues and pronounced legs.

Fresh floral and pear, with notes of figs and almonds.

Notes of macadamia, nutmeg and blackberry.

Long round finish, with notes of cacao, spicy black pepper.