Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Batch 124.7 Proof


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Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Batch 124.7 Proof

Experience the joy of authenticity with Woodford Reserve's Batch Proof, a meticulously crafted bourbon that exemplifies our unique barrel-to-bottle process. Each batch is a remarkable blend of carefully selected barrels, bottled at its actual proof, delivering a whiskey straight from the barrel and unmatched in its purity.

At the heart of the Batch Proof is the same grain bill and process we uphold for our iconic Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon. However, Batch Proof stands apart by offering a robust 124.7 Proof, contrasting the traditional 90.4 Proof that has become synonymous with the Woodford name.

Batch Proof is more than just a whiskey; it's an immersive experience. Its rich palette, characterized by an enhanced spectrum of sweet vanilla and toasted oak, takes the iconic Woodford Reserve flavor profile to uncharted heights.

Immerse yourself in the distinct privilege of tasting Woodford Reserve in its most pure and potent form. Revel in the vibrant blend of tradition and innovation that Batch Proof brings to your palate. This celebration of the Woodford Reserve process is a must-try for whiskey enthusiasts and casual consumers alike. Discover the spirit of authenticity that lives in every bottle of Batch Proof.