Wild Turkey 12 Year Old 101 Proof Bourbon


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Wild Turkey 12 Year Old 101 Proof Bourbon

Born from the father & son distilling genius of Jimmy & Eddie Russell, Wild Turkey 12 year old distiller's reserve is Kentucky Straight Bourbon of the highest character.

This special release has been carefully selected from the distillers' favorite reserve, barreled at a lower proof and slowly matured to create a bourbon of exceptional quality. With notes of vanilla, rich caramel, hints of spice and a long chocolate orange finish. Wild Turkey 12 Year Old Distiller's Reserve is a showcase of the world renowned craftsmanship of Jimmy & Eddie Russell and brilliantly reveals the bold and distinctive character of Wild Turkey Bourbon.

This Wild Turkey 12 Years Old is made by carefully selecting barrels that are suitable for long-term aging from the barrels that sleep in the aging warehouse of the Wild Turkey Distillery, and using plenty of unblended whiskey.

Using a barrel called alligator char that burns the inside the most strongly, the scent of vanilla and caramel, which are the characteristics of wild turkey, is further condensed, resulting in an extremely unique taste with sweetness, spiciness and elegance.

COLOR: Amber with a reddish copper color
AROMA & TASTEVanilla and caramel scent, sweetness with hints of citrus and herbs
AFTERTASTE: Spicy, followed by caramel candy