Penelope Barrel Strength Bourbon 750ml


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Penelope Barrel Strength Bourbon

Penelope Barrel Strength Bourbon is for those who crave a bourbon that’s untamed, pure, and undeniably authentic. Like a brushstroke on canvas, it captures the raw essence of its medium. This is bourbon in its most primal form, pushing the boundaries of flavor and intensity.

Our signature four-grain blend forms the foundation, but that's just the beginning. We've hand-selected each barrel, blending three unique bourbon mash bills, each contributing its distinct character. Aged in new American oak barrels, this bourbon is as nature intended: uncut and non chill-filtered.

Each sip offers a rush of unadulterated flavors, swirling in a dance of complexity and richness. It’s like a journey through a wilderness of taste, where every path leads to a new discovery. No subtleties are masked; no intensities are subdued.


Sweet candied cream and floral with hints of crème brûlée

Forward Notes
Sweet vanilla and viscous cream with some savory oak notes

Creamy sweetness transitions from the forward notes and into the body, herbal, floral and cream

Rich vanilla that leaves a long lingering finish with some heat