Peerless Kentucky Single Barrel Bourbon


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Peerless Kentucky Single Barrel Bourbon

Crafted with unparalleled passion and precision, each sip offers a gateway to the heart of Kentucky, the bourbon capital of the world. Produced in the renowned Peerless Distillery, this straight bourbon features a meticulously curated single barrel selection, ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience. Every drop comes from a single, hand-selected barrel, emphasizing the uniqueness of the batch and the barrel's distinct influence.

The Peerless Single Barrel Straight Bourbon is a sublime showcase of rich, robust flavors. It unveils a harmonious blend of caramel and oak, enveloped in a gentle warmth. The experience doesn't end there - a subtle underpinning of fruity notes leaves a pleasant, long-lasting aftertaste, making every sip an indulgence.

Matured under time-tested conditions, the Peerless Single Barrel Straight Bourbon captures the essence of craftsmanship. It’s a testament to Peerless Distillery’s commitment to producing bourbon of unparalleled quality, following the traditional distillation process that defines a true Straight Bourbon.