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Joseph Magnus 3-Pack Combo

1 Bottle Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend
1 Bottle Joseph Magnus Bourbon
1 Bottle Joseph Magnus Murray Hill Club

Every bourbon bottle tells a tale, but with this bespoke Joseph Magnus bundle, you’re not just getting three bottles—you’re acquiring three chapters of a captivating story.

Begin with the Cigar Blend Bourbon, a symphony of flavors created to complement the art of cigar smoking, ensuring every puff and sip dance in harmonious delight.

Then transition to the elegance and sophistication of the Murray Hill Club Bourbon, a nod to an era where bourbon wasn’t just a drink, but a lifestyle.

And as the final note, the Straight Bourbon provides a crystalline look into the heart of Joseph Magnus's dedication to the bourbon craft. This isn’t just a bundle. It’s an experience. Elevate your bourbon journey today.