Hatozaki Umeshu Cask Finish Whisky 750ml


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Hatozaki Umeshu Cask Finish Japanese Whisky

The quest for the perfect whisky is often riddled with doubts. Is it authentic? Is it legally compliant? With Hatozaki Umeshu Cask Finish Japanese Whisky, lay those apprehensions to rest and dive into a blend that stands tall on legal grounds.

Crafted in the heart of Japan, every step, from distillation to the unique umeshu cask finish, adheres scrupulously to Japan’s distillation laws. It’s a drink where legality marries luxury. Revel in its complex notes, where the richness of whisky meets the fruity hints of plum wine, all while resting assured of its impeccable legal lineage.


Unpeated, rich & fruity, it offers a generous profile of cereals, with iodine notes, fresh pear, apricots and a delicate hint of malty honey. The yellow plum finish brings a lasting touch of sweetness.