El Segundo Smoky Hollow 22oz


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El Segundo Smoky Hollow

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El Segundo Smoky Hollow

Enjoy a flavorful and satisfying Scotch Ale that will excite your taste buds when you choose El Segundo Smoky Hollow.

When the work is finished, you want to relax and unwind with 22 ounces of exceptionally tasting Scotch Ale from El Segundo Smoky Hollow. Perfect for entertaining guests, sharing with that special someone or spending time doing what you love, the rich and hearty scotch flavor will delight your taste buds.

You won't be disappointed when you please your palate with the bready and malty offering of El Segundo Smoky Hollow, its mellow caramel character provided by the perfect base of earth, peat and smoke. This delectable and complex Scotch ale blend will raise your standards as well as your spirits, offering 8.1% alcohol per volume.