Corazon Anejo Single Estate Tequila


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Corazon Anejo Single Estate Tequila

Corazón Single Estate Anejo is made in the best tradition of agave distillation. We use only 100% blue agave grown at our partner, Casa San Matías, who has turned their ranch into an agave paradise with plants that can be traced back to over 100 years of growth.

With the total dedication to quality and production that comes from the Corazón Distillery and our partners in Jalisco, we are able to offer this exceptional tequila to you.

Medium amber

A green forest-like freshness is the main character on the nose, with well integrated notes of spice box.

Light in the mouth, this añejo is savory and aromatic with flavors of spiced tobacco, charred moss and coffee. Subtle and focused.

Aged 16-18 months in American Oak