Campo Azul 1940 Reposado Tequila


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1940 Tequila Campo Azul Reposado

Celebrate the legacy of craftsmanship that dates back to 1940 with Tequila Campo Azul Reposado. Crafted in the highlands of Jalisco, this fine spirit is a labor of love from the rich red soil to the glass.

Aged to perfection after a seven to eight-year journey of blue agave nurtured by natural elements like sun and rain, this Reposado offers an eloquent nod to the weather and terrains that have made it exceptional.

It's a sip of nature, a gulp of the sky, a taste of the very weather that has nurtured it into existence. Cheers to the art of making high-quality tequila!


Presence of sweet agave

Light alcoholic presence with vanilla and caramel notes