Bushmills Honey 750ml


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Bushmills Irish Honey Whiskey

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Bushmills Irish Honey Whiskey

Rich and smooth with the natural flavors of honey help to comprise the sweet deliciousness of Bushmill’s Honey Irish Whiskey. The smooth finish and along with just the right amount of sweetness provides and rich honey flavor provides a unique twist on an old Irish classic. Full bodied yet mild in flavor it is great mixed into your favorite whiskey cocktail, added to soda, poured over ice, or alone as a shot. A smooth and flavorful option to the traditional Irish whiskey without being too sweet or overpowering. It’s the perfect balance of flavor that will leave you craving for more.

The blenders and distillers have been busy with this new honey infused spirit drink‚ and‚ personally‚ i feel they deserve to put their feet up and enjoy the fruits of their labour. a delicious fruity‚ smooth start that flushes out to a sweet honey buzz on the tongue